Alfred Stronghold
Arufureddo Sutoronguhōrudo
Personal Information
Birthday DateJuly 4th
Hair ColorBlonde (Alfred)

Sky Blue (Cure Ranger)

Eye ColorDark Blue (Alfred)

Bright Blue (Cure Ranger)

Home PlaceChiekawa City
RelativesJack Stronghold (Father)
Alter EgoCure Ranger
Theme ColorBlue
Anime Information
First AppearanceHEPC02

Alfred Stronghold (アルフレッドストロングホールドArufureddo Sutoronguhōrudo) is one of the main Cures from Happiness Earth Pretty Cure!. He is a transfer student at Chiekawa High School and is the first people to befriend Hana. Alfred is very energetic, but a bit of a hothead, especially when it comes to battling. He represents the country of America as well as stars.




Cure Ranger

"The blue star shining heroically in the sky! Cure Ranger!"
Sora ni yūkan kagayaku aoi hoshi! Kyua Renjā!

Cure Ranger (キュアレンジャー Kyua Renjā) is the Pretty Cure alter ego of Alfred. Like Hana, Alfred's personality doesn't change. However, he does gain superhuman abilities such as super leaping, super strength, and speed. He uses his LovePreBrace to perform his sub-attacks, and his finishing attack.


Starlight Liberty Shoot -

Ranger Gun -

Ranger Lasso Chains -

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