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Akumatized Sensation Pretty Cure! is a fanseries created by Wizzy Summer and replaced by Akumatizations Pretty Cure in its same timeslot. The season's themes are Season 3 villains during Miraculous Ladybug.



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Oh no! I just came in, now Hawk Moth is there? So my name is Lila Rossi! I am Cure Chameleon! Bye guys!


Pretty Cure

Lila Rossi (a.k.a Cure Chameleon)
She represents Chameleon.

Tom Dupain (a.k.a Cure Weredad)
He represents Weredad.

Chris Lahiffe (a.k.a Cure Master)
He represents Christmaster.

Marianne Lenoir (a.k.a Cure Backward)
She represents Backwarder.

Aurore Beauréal (a.k.a Cure Weather)
She represents Stormy Weather 2.

Thomas Astruc (a.k.a Cure Animate)
He represents Animaestro.

Alyno Lahiféaire (a.k.a Cure Oblivio)
He represents Oblivio.

Luke Couffaine (a.k.a Cure Silence)
He represents Silencer.

Kagami Tsurugi (a.k.a Cure Oni)
She represents Onichan.

Rolland Dupain (a.k.a Cure Baker)
He represents Bakerix.

Sabrina Raincomprix (a.k.a Cure Miraculer)
She represents Miraculer.

Christina Lahiffe (a.k.a Cure Timetag)
She represents Timetagger.

Max Kanté (a.k.a Cure Gamer)
He represents Gamer 2.0.

Wayhem (a.k.a Cure Party)
He represents Party Crasher.

Manon Chamack (a.k.a Cure Puppet)
She represents The Puppeteer 2.

Tomoe Tsurugi (a.k.a Cure Gozen)
She represents Ikari Gozen.

Juleka Couffaine (a.k.a Cure Doll)
She represents Reflektdoll.

Vivica (a.k.a Cure Desperada)
She represents Desperada.

Claudie Kanté (a.k.a Cure Startrain)
She represents Startrain.

Dormant Sentimonster (a.k.a Cure Feast)
It represents Feast.

Ms. Mendeleiev (a.k.a Cure Buster)
She represents Kwami Buster.

Audréa Bourgeois (a.k.a Cure Hunter)
She represents Heart Hunter.

Chloé Bourgeois (a.k.a Cure Miracle)
She represents Miracle Queen.

Cat Noir (a.k.a Cure Blanc)
He represents Cat Blanc.

Roleyka Céffaillant (a.k.a Cure Punish)
She represents the Punishers trio from Félix.

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