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Akumatizations Pretty Cure is a fanseries created by Wizzy Summer and replaced by Rated Pretty Cure! in its same timeslot. The season's themes are akumatized villains.



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It’s me! I am a ghost of Cure Pearl and my name is Alice Hoshi.


Pretty Cure

Original Cures

Hoshi Alice
The ghost of Cure Pearl. As Cure Moth, she represents Hawk Moth. Her theme colors are gray and dark purple.

Akumatized Cures

Aya Lahiffe
As Cure Bubbler, she represents the Bubbler. Her theme color is red.

Anna Ramier
As Cure Pigeon, she represents Mr. Pigeon. Her theme color is magenta.

Maya Beauréal
As Cure Weather, she represents Stormy Weather. Her theme color is indigo.

Ella Kubdel
As Cure Time, she represents Timebreaker. Her theme color is green.

Madeline Barbot
As Cure Copy, she represents Copycat. Her theme color is black.

Maelle Kubdel
As Cure Pharaoh, she represents the Pharaoh. Her theme color is goldenrod.

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