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Akita Serena
Akita Serena2
Akita serena
Personal Information
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Home PlaceHanakanjō
Anime Information
SeasonFloretta Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceFlPC10
SeiyuuWatanabe Akeno

Akita Serena (秋田セレナ Akita serena?) is a supporting character Floretta Pretty Cure!. Serena was the Student Council President of Tri-Bloom Academy until she was out-voted by Iris in episode 10 and became the Secretary.



Serena has long blonde hair tied into twintails and green eyes. She is usually seen wearing the Tri-Bloom Academy uniform.


Serena is a caring and elegant girl who usually stands up to bullies like Fujikawa Olivia.


  • Isobe Hibiki - Serena's former vice-president and her boyfriend.



  • Serena is the only girl in Tri-Bloom Academy to wear a jumper in both her summer and winter uniform.


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