Akira Harinezumi
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あきら はりねずみ
Akira Harinezumi
Personal Information
Birthday DateJune 23th
Hair Color[ Normal ] ultramarine blue [Cure sonic] Hot Blue [Super form] Gold [Galaxy form] Rainbow
Eye Colorgreen [Super form] Red [Galaxy] Neon Violet
Home PlaceCrystal City
RelativesAleena Harinezumi - Mother

Akeno Harinezumi - Father

Amy Harinezumi - sister.

Carol Akatsuki - Cousin.

Cure Sonic
Alter EgoCure Sonic
Super FormSuper Cure Sonic

Galaxy Sonic

Theme ColorBlue
SymbolSpeed, Freedom, Sky,
Anime Information
SeasonGo! Sonic Precure!
Voice ActorGerman: Nicole Hannak

English: Caitlynn French

Akira Harinezumi (あきら はりねずみ Akira Harinezumi) Is the protagonist from Go! Sonic PrettyCure!


  • Akira hates water but can drink water.
  • Akira is a name which is taken almost exclusively for men. Few women that have the name Akira.
  • Cure Sonic is the first cure with the ears like a cat.
  • Akira is the first character from all Pretty Cure seasons, to have more songs than Kenzaki Makoto.
  • She hates underwater levels.
  • Akira's favorite ice cream flavor is Angel Blue Ice.
  • Akira's Favorite flower is the Forget-Me-Not. The flower stands for Friendship and Memories.
  • This page: would Akira little help to be like sonic.



Akira always liked to play video games. When she asked her mother if she had other games, they won the game (Sonic the Hedgehog). Akira asked her mother (okaa-san! Just look what I found!) Her mother told her that was the first game that she ever played. Akira asked her mother if they could lay it. Her mother naturally agreed and started the game. She was fascinated straight by the game and wanted to have more and more games of Sonic. She wants to be just like Sonic. Although no one can walk in the world with sound operating speed, and she can do so much anyway, do not let them be beaten. In her childhood, she was often bullied and (not rounded) or (Ugly Hedgehog) insulted like. But just because they wanted to be a game character. However, she never let those insults pull her down.

Current Time

At the present time Akira goes to Crystal High School, along with Yoko, Akiko, Carol, Mika, and Gina. She has been the best Sonic player throughout Japan, and is envied by most people in Crystal City. Akira is a human being who is overwhelmed very quickly and can be very quickly weak, although Akira has no cardiac weakness. She plays little to no sports. She can at the worst case also pass out and get into the hospital. Since she has a phobia that ''Asthenophobia'' (to weaken fear of fainting or) that it does not have a simple life like the others. As or has something to do with what slow, bullied. Which brings them very down. It has to be a dream an idol, because she wants to have a good future and want, they get recognition, although it was enough intrinsic light that it is the best Sonic-player throughout Japan.


In the future, Akira is a legend, and as thanks, she has the world and the planet saved''Mobius'' and she sacrificed her life for it. Sonic gets a card, where it can be transformed to Sonic. She has also become an extremely famous idol.



  • Yoko Kiyoshi - Akira and Yoko are childhood friends and are also all best friends. with Yoko can talk to her about anything and Yoko always hear exactly unless she talks to Akira fully.
  • Akiko Yuuki - With Akiko it comes very clear they resent but often are a good team. However, she decides to decline Akira's offer to join the team due to her duty to protect the master emerald.
  • Mika Kagesaki  - Mika could only not suffer at times Akira. Akira always wanted that they do with their team's Mika always refuses. Up in episode 15 as Mika agreed. Mika thought that Akira was very weak and therefore Mika did not want the team.
  • Gina Mirai - With Mirai she's very well clear that both of them are very good friends, and have a very good team.
  • Carol Akatsuki - Carol is also a very good friend, although at the beginning Carol was still a villain, still finds good in her. them Akira not knowing Carol has an evil alter ego. But she changes to Cure Dragon. She immediately joining the team and Carol said that the team is now complete. However, later on in the series, she's her cousin and Carol tries to remind Akira about what they use to do together back at Lost Hex.


Your Star

1 0 0 % FASTER ❕



Pure heart

Blessed by stars

Blue Tears

Blue Heart Romantica

Myosotis flower

Blue morning glory


Magical hedgehog


MI-RA-I (With Yoko Kiyoshi)

✴ Fighting Star! ✴ (With Akiko Yuuki)

🔹 pure pure Rival 🔹 (with Mika Kagemaru)

🌟 Future star! 🌟 (with Gina Mirai)

Get Wild! (with Carol Akatsuki)


Cure Sonic

"The Blue Hedgehog! The Light of the Speed! Cure Sonic!"

"Aoi Harinezumi! Sokudo no Hikari! Kyua Sonikku!"

Cure Sonic ( きゅあ そにっく Kyua Sonikku) Is Akira's alter ego, Cure Sonic The warrior the speed and of belief. They controlled the winds and the lights, Akira has 2 extra forms falls for some.


Sonic Star (ソニックスター Sonikkusutā)

Blooming Ciel (ブルーミングシエル Burūmingushieru)

Rainbow Arrow (レインボーアロー Reinbōarō)

Blue Heart (ブルーハート Burūhāto)

Azure Crystal ( アズールクリスタル Azūrukurisutaru)

Ring Hurricane (リングハリケーン Ringuharikēn)

Starlight Sonic

Starlight Sonic ( スターライトソニック Sutāraitosonikku) If the first extra-dimensionally for Cure Sonic. It controls the stars and the gemstone sapphire.


Starlight Meteoroid

Floating Lights

Electric Blue

Electric Blue (エレクトリックブルー Erekutorikkuburū ) If the second form for Cure Sonic, They controlled the music and the speed.


Electric Thunder

Music Booster

Super Cure Sonic

Dark Cure Sonic

Princess Sonic

Galaxy Sonic

Details about this character

star sign: cancer

Favorite food: Cheesecake, apples, Chili Dogs.

phobias: Asthenophobia, Coulrophobia, Aquaphobia, Canophobia.

height: 1,70m

blood type: B

favorite animals: Hedgehogs, Cats, bunnies.

weighs: 65 kg

Intro: "I am the warrior of the speed! Guardian Of The Golden rings and the stars! I'm Cure Sonic!"

Dreams: So to be like Sonic. / They want to be an idol.


Akira (アキラ Akira) - Kira (キラ) means Sparkle or Shining, this should mean that it a bright personality had. and that she very striking is.

Harinezumi (ハリネズミ Harinezumi) means Hedgehog, In the interpretation of dreams, is the hedgehog for protection, demarcation and retreat and a great sensibility of the dreaming.

Sonique (ソニック Sonikku) means the Acoustic or speed of sound, This name should be an innuendo about sonic the hedgehog.

Alexander (アレクサンダー Arekusandā) means The protector, defender, that meant that she all protects and that it is a very helpful person.

Cure Sonic (キュアソニック Kyuasonikku) is her Alter Ego, This name should be an innuendo of Sonic The Hedgehog.


Sonic-Chan, Aoi-chan, Snail (Because of her slowness)

Zakira (her Zeti name given by Carol)


"No joke! I would have to be the best sonic-player all over the world! Or am I wrong?"

"I love English, easy!"



New Style

Old Style