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Akino Lily

Akino Lily

Cure Julio

Akino rirī
Personal Info
Season'Chinatsu Kiseki: Heartcatch Pretty Cure!'
Hair ColorMauve
Eye ColorPurple
RelativesAkino Azalea (mother)
Akino Poppy (twin sister)
SeiyuuNakayama Sara
Pretty Cure Info
NameCure Julio
Item(s)Season Charm
Weapon(s)Julio Tact
Hair ColorRoyal Purple
Eye ColorHeliotrope

Akino Lily (秋野リリー Akino rirī?) is an OC created for Heartcatch Pretty Cure! by Chinatsu Kiseki and also one of the main characters of Chinatsu Kiseki: Heartcatch Pretty Cure!. Lily acts very sour and strict but is actually very kind. Lily loves writing stories and has published several novels. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Julio, the flower of the seasons whose theme colour is purple.


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Lily has long mauve hair tied up into a high ponytail and purple eyes. Her casual wear consists of a side-strapped orchid shirt and a floral lavender skirt. Her shoes are purple flats.

Cure Julio


Lily acts very sour and strict but is actually very kind. Lily loves writing stories and has published several novels.

As Cure Julio, she gains her own personality. Her tone in voice becomes more stronger and she is much more open to other's feelings but is still strict especially when Cure Blossom cowers.


  • Hanasaki Tsubomi/Cure Blossom - Lily has an average relationship with Tsubomi. Lily hates it when Tsubomi is too shy to do things like drama and normally shouts at Tsubomi for it.
  • Kurumi Erika/Cure Marine - Lily and Erika don't get along that well and often argue. However, as the series progresses, the two start to get along
  • Myoudouin Itsuki/Cure Sunshine - At first, Lily didn't like Itsuki for no reason but she gradually started to like Itsuki and the two became good friends
  • Tsukikage Yuri/Cure Moonlight - Lily has always been inspired by Yuri giving the two a great relationship especially when Lily needs help with her work.
  • Midoriiro Yotsuba/Cure Shamrock - Yotsuba and Lily are childhood friends and the two never fight. When Yotsuba transformed into Cure Shamrock for the first time, Julio was over the moon.
  • Dark Cure - The two are like Dark Cure and Moonlight, great rivals.

Cure Julio

"The flower that blooms within the seasons! Cure Julio!"
季節に花が咲きます! キュアジュリオ!
Kisetsu ni hana ga sakimasu! Kyuajurio!

Cure Julio (キュアジュリオ Kyuajurio?) is Lily's Pretty Cure alter ego. As Cure Julio, she holds the power of the seasons and her theme colour is purple. To transform, she uses the Season Charm and her purification item is the Julio Tact. Her main purification attack is Julio Mirage.


  • Julio Mirage (ジュリオミラージュ Juriomirāju?) is Julio's first and main purification attack.


Lily's voice actress, Nakayama Sara, has participated in several character songs for the character she plays.





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