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Akimura Niji

Akimura niji
Personal Info
SeasonPretty Cure Life Stars
Hair Color Dark Sapphire
Eye Color Amethyst
RelativesAkimura Akemi (mother)
Akimura Iona (younger sister)
SeiyuuKubo Yurika
DebutPretty Cure Life Stars!
Pretty Cure Info
NameCure Spectrum
Hair Color Sapphire
Eye Color Violet
DebutPretty Cure Life Stars!
Theme Sky Blue
Scarlet (sub)
Violet (sub)

Akimura Niji (秋村虹?) is a Pretty Cure appearing in the Pretty Cure Life Stars series of movies. Niji is an extremely introverted girl with a passion for singing. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Spectrum, the rainbow of one thousand skies whose theme color is sky blue with her sub colors being scarlet and violet.


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Niji has long dark sapphire hair that is tied into twin-plaits that ride over her shoulders while having amethyst coloured eyes. Her casual wear consists of a sky blue long sleeved dress while also wearing flame coloured bracelets. Her shoes are celeste coloured. She also wears small, black glasses.

Cure Spectrum

As Cure Spectrum, her hair is released from the twin-plaits and grows longer being tied into a side ponytail that has several flicks coming off of it as well as it tinting to a lighter sapphire. Spectrum’s uniform consists a celeste collared dress that, where the collar meets, there is a sky blue tinted bow. Her dress is a light blue and has a Chinese violet belt around her waist that is connected using a scarlet bow. TBA...



Cure Spectrum

"The Rainbow of One Thousand Skies! In Full Bloom, Cure Spectrum!"
Sen sora no niji! Mankai no, kyuasupekutoramu!

Cure Spectrum (キュアスペクトラム?) is the Pretty Cure alter ego of Niji. As Cure Spectrum, she represents the rainbow of one thousand skies and her theme colour is sky blue while her sub colours are scarlet and violet. In Pretty Cure Life Stars!, along with the other Pretty Cure, can perform Miracle Sweet Dreaming while her main attack is Spectrum Crystal.


  • Spectrum Crystal (スペクトラムクリスタル Supekutoramukurisutaru?) - Cure Spectrum's main attack. As well as a physical attack, it can also be a defensive attack.
  • Miracle Sweet Dreaming (ミラクルスウィートドリーミング Mirakurusuu~ītodorīmingu?) - The group attack that the three teams along with Cure Spectrum perform in Pretty Cure Life Stars!. To perform the attack, the Pretty Cure to be in their Nature Modes.


Akimura (秋村?) means "Autumn Village" with Aki (秋) meaning "autumn" and Mura (村) meaning "villiage".

Niji (?) means "rainbow" which can relate to her Pretty Cure alter ego Cure Spectrum.

Therefore, her name means "Rainbow Autumn Village"


Niji's voice actress, Kubo Yurika, has participated in several character songs for the character she plays.





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