Akimoto Yuri
Akimoto Yuri
Personal Information
Age38 (deceased)
Hair ColorGreen
Eye ColorGreen
Home PlaceYumekawa
RelativesAkimoto Daisuke (husband)
Akimoto Hiromi (daughter)
Anime Information
SeasonPretty Cure 5☆Reborn
First AppearancePC5R22
SeiyuuHisakawa Aya

Akimoto Yuri (秋元ゆり Akimoto Yuri) is Akimoto Hiromi's deceased mother. She was said to be one of those people whose smile could light up the world. Her husband was Akimoto Daisuke.


Yuri appears with long green hair and a dark brown ribbon in it, and has green eyes. She wears a green top and jeans, and a silver belt. She also wears black high heels.


Yuri was said to be fun-loving and friendly, whose smile could light up the world. She seemed to care very much for her family, and was always there for her daughter. Hiromi also said that she remembered her mother singing to her.


Hiromi told her friends about her mother, and the times that she spent with her. In Hiromi's flashback, it was shown that mother and daughter were very close, and Yuri used to sing for Hiromi.

Some years later, when Hiromi was 9, Yuri passed away, which left Hiromi and her father, Daisuke, very upset.


Akimoto Hiromi - Hiromi is her daughter. She always talked about her mother in admiration, but also in sadness.


Akimoto (秋元): A common Japanese family name. Aki (秋) translates to "autumn", most likely referring to her daughter's plant-based powers and the common association of autumn and the leaves of plants turning colour. Moto (元) translates to "source".

Yuri (ゆり): A name that has a vast variety of meanings depending on how it is written in kanji, and since Yuri's name is written in hiragana instead, it is impossible to find an exact meaning for it. The most common meaning is lily (百合 yuri).

Yuri's name means "autumn source lily".



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