Akari Michiko
Akari Michiko
Character Description
Nicknames Akari-san, Michiko-chan
BirthdateAugust 31, 2000
Age13 / 14
Star SignVirgo
Blood TypeB
Eye ColorBrown (Michiko)

Golden (Glow)

Hair ColorBlonde (Michiko)

Yellow (Glow)

ParentsAkari Kouki (Father)
Siblings Akari Haru (Brother)
Other RelativesAkari Shinju (Aunt)
AffiliationsPretty Cure
Pretty Cure
Alter EgoCure Glow
Powers Holy Light
ItemsShining Brooch (Transformation)

Starshine Charm (Attack) Miracle Charm (Final Attack)

Theme ColorOrange (Main)

Yellow (Sub)

Additional Information
SeasonShining Kiseki! Pretty Cure
Other AppearancesShining Kiseki! Pretty Cure: Yume no Sekai e no Tabi!

Pretty Cure All Stars (Since Shiawase no Tomodachi)

First Appearance SK!PC01
Last AppearanceSK!PC50 (Sans Succeeding Movies)
Voice ActressKitamura Eri
 Akari Michiko (明りみちこ Akari Michiko?) is the lead Cure of Shining Kiseki! Pretty Cure. Michiko is an outgoing, cheerful girl who likes cooking. She is a hard worker, but sometimes gets distracted. Michiko does her best to protect Terasu. Her Cure ego is Cure Glow (キュアグロー Kyua Gurō?) and she has the power of holy light.
Her catchphrase is I will protect the light! (私は光を守ります! Watashi wa hikari o mamorimasu!?).

General Information

Website Description

The lead protagonist, Michiko almost always has a smile on her face. She loves to cook and bake, and helps her mother by working at the Azayaka Resturaunt, serving, cleaning, and even some cooking of her own. She is eager to help others, and loves being with friends. However, Michiko sometimes seems to overwork or upset others in a bad mood due to her cheery personality. As a magical girl, Michiko is determined to protect everyone in Terasu, whether it is her friend or someone she dislikes.

Character Creation

Koizumi Daisy, the series creator, says since Shining Kiseki is based on The City of Ember's protagonist Lina Mayfield. Of course, instead of Michiko being a messenger, she was a cook / baker. Both share many similarities. Michiko also looks somewhat like Lina's movie depiction.


Michiko is an outgoing girl who loves to help others. She loves to smile and make others happy. She has a passion for cooking, and spends her free time cooking at her own home, since there is not a resturaunt in Terasu. People say she's one of the best in town. She is intelligent; but she is not as smart as her best friend, Terumi Kazuki. However, she is more brave and much more of a risktaker to save Terasu from Kurayami.

Usually, Michiko is quite calm in most situations and doesn't let her foes outsmart her. One weak point she has in her is people's own thoughts on her. Sometimes, she even contemplates if her friends outside of Pretty Cure actually consider her a true friend. Most times, she ignores this thought. 

As a Pretty Cure, Michiko is very determined and brave. She will take risks to defeat opponents. Even when things are not going in her favor, she doesn't let it get to her and keeps on going until she prevails. 


Michiko has brown eyes and blonde hair. She usually wears an orange jacket with a yellow skirt. Her leggings are teal with yellow ribbons. Her shoes are yellow.

As Cure Glow, her hair changes to yellow tied in twintails, and her eyes change to golden. She wears a bow on her neck, as well as fingerless white and orange gloves. Her outfit is short sleeved and orange, full of lace and a frilly skirt. She has a large yellow ribbon on the back of the outfit. She has cream leggings with orange heels. She has an orange flower and bows on her shoes.

Civilian Powers

Michiko does not have civilian powers and abilities, but she always has her Shining Brooch with her. She transforms into Cure Glow, with additional upgrades.


Shining Kiseki! Pretty Cure

Before becoming a Pretty Cure, Michiko and Kazuki met on the first day of school. Michiko began a conversation about school and what they wanted to be in the future. They started bonding, and became best friends. Ever since, they always see each other every day, and help each other with their jobs.

Shining Kiseki! Pretty Cure: Journey to the World of Dreams!


Pretty Cure





Pretty Cure

Cure Glow

The Light Shining in the Darkness! Cure Glow!
Hikari ga Yami de Hikaru! Kyua Gurō!

Cure Glow (キュアグロー Kyua Gurō?) is Michiko's Pretty Cure ego. She is the Cure of Holy Light. As Cure Glow, she is a hard worker and strong fighter. She is brave and determined to end Kurayami. With her Shining Brooch, she can transform. Her solo attack is Shiny Charge, when inserting a Starshine Charm into the Shining Brooch.




  • Shiny Charge (シャイニーチャージ Shainī Chāji?): Cure Glow's solo finisher.
  • Duo Illumination (デュオイルミネーション De~yuo Iruminēshon?): Cure Glow's main finisher with Cure Happiness.
  • Golden Starlight (ゴールデンスターライト Gōruden Sutāraito?): Cure Glow's upgrade attack.
  • Kiseki Brilliante (キセキブリリアンテ Kiseki Buririante?): Cure Glow's and Happiness' upgraded attack.
  • Kagayaku Hearts (カガヤクハーツ Kagayaku Hātsu?): Cure Glow's finisher with Cure Happiness and the Miracle Duo.
  • Ultimate Ember Miracle (アルティメットエンバーミラクル Arutimetto Enbā Mirakuru?): The final attack, with the Cures' Ultra Miracle form.

Coming soon!


Akari (明り?): Akari translates to "bright", or "light". This is a reference to her alter ego, as well as the series' theme, light.

Michiko (みちこ?): Mi (?) means "beautiful", chi (?) means "wisdom", and ko (?) means "child". Though, while Michiko is smart, Kazuki is more intelligent.

Together, Akari Michiko could mean, "Bright beautiful knowledge child".

Character Songs

Michiko's seiyuu, Kitamura Eri, participates in a variety of Shining Kiseki! character songs. She also does a speaking track.

Solo Songs

Duo Songs

Group Songs

Speaking Track

Michiko's Anniversary Celebration

Michiko's first speaking track is called Michiko's Anniversary Celebration (みちこの記念日祝賀 Michiko no Kinenbi Shukuga?) to thank everyone for the 10th Anniversary of Pretty Cure. The dialogue goes as follows:

  • Hello, everyone! I'm Michiko Akari! (みなさん、こんにちは!私は明りみちこです! Minasan, kon'nichiwa! Watashi wa Akari Michiko desu!?)
  • Thank you very much for celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Pretty Cure! (プリキュアの十周年を祝うためにありがとうございまし! Purikyua no jū-shūnen o iwau tame ni arigatō gozaimashi!?)
  • I'm glad you purchased the Pretty Cure 10th Anniversary album! (私はあなたがプリキュア十周年アルバム購入しうれしいです! Watashi wa anata ga Purikyua Jū-shūnen arubamu kōnyū shi ureshīdesu!?)
  • I hope you have been enjoying Shining Kiseki Pretty Cure! (私はあなたがこれまでにシャイニングキセキプリキュアを楽しんできましたね! Watashi wa anata ga kore made ni Shainingu Kiseki Purikyua o tanoshinde kimashita ne!?)
  • Kazuki, Emi, Misaki, and I have all been working very hard on our Pretty Cure duties! (かずき 、えみ 、みさき、と私はすべての私達のプリキュアの職務に非常に一生懸命働いてきました! Kazuki, Emi, Misaki, to watashi wa subete no watashitachi no purikyua no shokumu ni hijō ni isshōkenmei hataraite kimashita!?)
  • Please look forward to our future battles! We'll win for sure! (私たちの未来戦闘を楽しみにしてください!我々は確かに勝つ! Watashitachi no mirai sentō o tanoshimini shite kudasai! Wareware wa tashika ni katsu!?)
  • Meeting all the other Pretty Cures was amazing! They were so cool! I want to be like them! (他のすべてのプリキュアを満たすことがすばらしかった!彼らはとても素晴らしいでした!私はそれらのようになりたいです! Hoka no subete no purikyua o mitasu koto ga subarashikatta! Karera wa totemo subarashīdeshita! Watashi wa sorera no yō ni naritaidesu!?)
  • I guess that's it for now. Please continue to enjoy Pretty Cure! Bye! (私は推測しますそれがその今のところ。プリキュアを楽しむこと続けてください!さようなら! Watashi wa suisoku shimasu sore ga sono imanotokoro. Purikyua o tanoshimu koto tsudzukete kudasai! Sayōnara!?)

The Shining Story! ~Cure Glow Ver.~

Michiko's second speaking track is called The Shining Story! ~Cure Glow Ver.~ (シャイニング·ストーリー! 〜キュアグロー版〜 Shainingu Sutōrī! 〜Kyua Gurō-ban〜?) to share her point of view for the Shining Kiseki! Pretty Cure story. The transcript is found here: Pretty Cure 10th Anniversary / Speaking Tracks


  • Michiko shares similarities with Akari Magenta from Tachibana Nora's Shining Jewels Pretty Cure:
    • The two are very outgoing and bubbly.
    • They share the same initials, this being A.M.
    • Also, both series also have the word Shining in it.
  • Michiko is the second lead Cure and third overall Cure to be good at cooking, after Hyuuga Saki and Kujou Hikari.
  • Michiko also shares her voice actress with Aono Miki, who voiced Miki Sayaka in Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
    • Intrestingly enough, Miki and Sayaka have blue theme colors, while Michiko has yellow.
    • Michiko also shares her CV with Seira from Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch.
    • Coincidentally, Mermaid Melody has a character named Karen.
  • Michiko's surname, Akari, can also be used as a given name.
  • Michiko is the twelfth Cure to be good in academics.
  • Michiko is the third lead Cure to be good in school.
  • Michiko is the first lead Cure to have a theme color unrelated to pink, followed by Himura Aki from Color Splash Pretty Cure! and Himoto Edna from Super Smash Pretty Cure!.
  • Michiko is the seventh Pretty Cure whose family owns a resturaunt, and the second lead Cure to have a resturaunt after Hyuuga Saki.
    • It was stated by Shining Kiseki! creator Koizumi Daisy that Michiko was not intended to have a restaurant, but it was put in because she excelled at cooking.
  • Michiko also shares her initials with Aida Mana and Aono Miki.