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Akari Hoshimiya is the pen name for User:ButterLove248.

Akari Hoshimiya
ほしみや あかり
Hoshimiya Akari
AliasAkari, Butter, Hoshimiya Akari, Butter Ozora, Ichigo (formerly), ButterLove248, Cure Sky, etc.
Eye ColorBrown?
Home PlaceUSA


Akari is an energetic 10 year old who loves creating fanseries. She idolizes Aikatsu!, and roleplays as Akari Ozora, even ending up changing hee name from Butter to Akari in the process. She had a reputation of people not trusting her, but that was all in the past. Now, she has many more friends than she did before, and she even is really good friends with another Akari.


  • Jennah Koehler: They were friends because they come from the same country, which is USA
  • Eva Crystallinos: Friends also because Eva is from the USA also
  • May Hanasaki: Friends also and May is from USA just like Akari.
  • Aihana Akari: Good friends because they share the same name, ideas, and interests.
  • Hikari Hoshimiya: They are friends and they love Aikatsu! also.
  • Shimamori Amira: They are friends and since Amira is from the USA also.
  • Hanadera Aine: Good friends also.

Fanseries she made


  • Her birthday is March 21
  • She is 10 years old
  • She loves Aikatsu! and used to roleplay as Ichigo Hoshimiya, but now and forever roleplays as Akari Ozora.
  • Her name used to be Butter


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