Akane Sora
アカネ ソラ
Akane Sora
Personal Information
Birthday DateOctober 16
Hair ColorBrown (Sora)

Red (Allegro)

Eye ColorBrown (Sora)

Red (Allegro)

Home PlaceHanasakigaoka
RelativesAnake Naoto (Father)

Akane Rika (Sister)

Alter EgoCure Allegro
Theme ColorRed
Anime Information
SeasonPretty Cure: Music is War
First AppearancePCMiW01

Akane Sora (赤音 ソラ Akane Sora?) is the lead cure of the Pretty Cure: Music is War. She was considered as a "born artist" who is extremely talented at all sorts of art. Her studies are average-levelled and her Arts are Rank A. She is a student at North Hanasakigaoka High School along with the other cures.


Sora has long brown hair tied in twintails and brown eyes. She is usually seen wearing the girls' school uniform. If not, her winter casual outfit consists of a black and white striped sweater, a pink hoodie,a black miniskirt and matching kneesocks and brown boots. Her summer casual outfit consists of a white T-shirt, denim shorts and black sneakers. Her accessories include a matal bracelet with a 1/8 note. As Cure Allegro, her hair turns red and her eyes turns red.


Midorino Aiumi: Sora is in the brass band with Aiumi and they are always seen together around the campus.

Aomizu Rin: Rin is in the brass band with Sora and she is Aiumi and Sora's underclassman.

Kokoro/ Kurozaki Makoto: Makoto is in the brass band with her.

Miffy/ Shiromura Mirai: Mirai is in the brass band with her.

Cure Allegro

"Bright, with energy, Cure Allegro!"
Akarui, genki ni, Kyua Areguro!

Cure Allegro (キュアアレグロ Kyua Areguro?) is the alter Pretty Cure ego of Sora. She transforms using her Modulation Commune. Her main attack is Energico Etude.


Akane (赤音 Akane?) - "Aka" means "red" and "Ne"  means "voice", so "Akane" can be loosely translated into "voice of red".

Sora (ソラ Sora?) - Sora in this case is written in katakana, so it has many different meanings. One popular way to write this is 空, which means "sky" or "empty".

Cure Allegro (キュアアレグロ Kyua Areguro?) - "Allegro" means joyful; lively and fast.


  • Her cure name and her powers does not complement each other.
  • Although she is the smartest out of the three cures, she does not have the power of intelligence, because her ranks are lower than Rin, even though Rin is 1 year younger than her and is in her 1st year of High School.


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