Akagawa Kenna
赤川 ケナ
Akagawa Kenna
Personal Information
Birthday DateAugust 28
Hair ColorMaroon(Kenna)
Hot Pink(Firework)
Eye ColorMagenta
Home PlaceBooker Town
RelativesAkagawa Fira(sister)
Alter EgoCure Firework
Theme ColorRed
Anime Information
First AppearanceCPPC01

Akagawa Kenna (赤川 ケナ?) is the main protagonist for Color Paradise!PreCure. Her alter ego is Cure Firework (キュア ファイアワーク?),the Cure of the color red.


Kenna is optimistic and carefree. She claims herself as the number one and the best Pretty Cure. She seems to be the least clumsy lead Cure out of all the franchise.



Akamenu Aida

Her relationship with Aida is like Mia and Aira's. Kenna mostly says her catchphrase against her, "I will soon beat you and be the number one Cure of all times".



Kenna is skilled at painting pictures.



  • Her personality resembles Ageha Mia from Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future.
  • She shares the same voice actress with Dorothy West from PriPara.
  • Kenna is the most unique lead Cure of the franchise being the least clumsy out of them all.
    • She is also not a typical mahou shojou type - being clumsy, not talented at anything and not good studying like the other previouse lead Cures(thou Nozomi and Miyuki have been the only lead Cures to show the not talented part, Nagisa however has a talent, and Tsubomi, Mana and Aida are good at studying but they still are very clumsy. Aida is not clumsy but a typical mahou shoujo is selfless and would do anything for others. Kenna lacks all of these qualities and is considered as a spoiled and selfish main protagonist with passion).
    • Ironically, her Let's Go Color! Pretty Cure counterpart, Reanna Redrose, is based on Sailor Moon/Tsukino Usagi who is clumsy and terrible at studying.
  • Even thou Yamakita Saki is the leader of the iRis, Shibuya Azuki voices Kenna which she is the lead Cure.
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