Aisaki Town (相崎タウン Aizaki Taun) is the primary setting of Love♥Pretty Cure. It is where many events of the series take place. It is the hometown of Cure Bride, Cure Promise and their families. It is a small town, but it is known for it's long-lasting cherry blossom season.

Known Residents

Known Establishments

Haname Academy: The school that Aika, Makoto, and while she's living in the town, Madeline Sycamore attend.

Aisaki Town Park: A small nature park at the center of the town where its famous cherry blossom trees grow. This is the place where Aika and Makoto first met Dovi and Madeline, and transformed into Pretty Cure for the first time.

Prism Jewels: The town's jewelry store, where Makoto's father, Takara owns and works at.

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