Aira Yumetsuki
Aira Yumetsuki
夢月 姶良
Yumetsuki Aira
Personal Information
Hair ColorPurple (Aira)

Lilac (Saffron)

Eye ColorYellow (Aira)

Lilac (Saffron)

Home PlaceKibougahana
RelativesSasami Yumetsuki (older sister)

Sakaeru Yumetsuki (grandma) Yui Yumetsuki (mother, deceased) Yutaro Yumetsuki (father, deceased)

Alter EgoCure Saffron
Theme ColorPurple
Anime Information
SeasonArise Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceAPC02

Aira Yumetsuki(夢月 姶良 Yumetsuki Aira) is the only Cure in Arise Pretty Cure!. She lives in a small two storey house with her older sister and grandma. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Saffron (キュア サフラン Kyua Safuran).

She is the reincarnation of Dark Cure from Heartcatch Pretty Cure!.


Death of her parents

When Aira was five years old, her parents had died when they were getting a lift home from a drunk man.

Fighting as Cure Saffron

Trail for Super Silhouette


Aira has purple coloured hair that comes up to her shoulders. She has yellow eyes. Her casual outfit is a light purple cardigan with a yellow dress under neath that comes up to her knees. She wears yellow mary janes with a white flower clip.

Cure Saffron has lilac coloured hair that has growth to her waist and has a thin side ponytail on the right side of her head held by a dark purple bow with a flower in the middle while the rest of her hair hangs down. Her outfit is mainly purple and white and closely resembles Cure Blossom's and Cure Marine's outfit. Her bow is dark purple and her top is lilac/white with white puffy sleeves with a frill. Her gloves are dark purple with a light purple trim and come up to her elbow. She wears dark purple stocking with a trim at the top with white slip on shoes with a lilac rose on top.

As Super Cure Saffron, her hair becomes lighter and her flower becomes a purple rose. Her outfit becomes a light type of purple. The bow on her chest gets larger and the petals on her skirt become longer and sharper. Her gloves become white with a light purple trim on the top and the gloves become longer. Her stocking become the same colour as her gloves and her rose on her slipper becomes a lighter lilac.


Aira is a friendly girl who loves to draw. She is very gentle and cares about nature very much. She is the vice-student council president and tries her best with helping the school. She dreams of being a famous artist and to be able to do a lot of things with everyone.

Cure Saffron






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