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Aikawa Minato
Minato Aikawa (Kisekae)
愛川 湊
Aikawa Minato
Personal Information
Hair ColorBurnt Orange
Eye ColorDark Brown
Home PlaceIihi Island
RelativesAikawa Haruki (Younger Sister)

Aikawa Kazuhiko (Father) Aikawa Mahiru (Mother, deceased)

Anime Information
SeasonTropica Shine Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceTSPC01
SeiyuuYoshitsugu Matsuoka
Voice ActorLucien Dodge

Aikawa Minato is a minor character and ally of the cures in Tropica Shine Pretty Cure!. He is the older brother of Haruki, and the first outsider to learn of the cures real identities. Minato is the current owner of the Aika Aloha Parlor, which he took over after the death of his mother. He is very accident-prone, but constantly insists on being independent and working on his own, despite how clumsy and uncoordinated he is. Though he can be overbearing at times, he is a genial person and surprisingly easy to talk to. Minato has also been shown to be a bit crafty, and completely willing to find clever ways to bend rules.


Physical Features

Minato has burnt orange hair that goes halfway down his neck, while his bangs are pulled back with a white hair pin that is similar to the one Haruki wears. His eyes are a dark brown color, that have a slightly reddish tinge to them, and they are fairly angular in shape. He has fair skin. His features are generally very similar to his younger sister, and it's very easy to tell that they are related.

Fashion Style

Minato's typical casual wear consists of a long sleeved dark gray and lighter gray striped shirt with the sleeves folded to his elbows. He wears pale khaki capris held up with a coral red belt, and red sandals. He is occasionally seen with a white and orange apron while working.

Name Etymology

Minato (湊) - Made from a single character meaning port or harbour (湊 minato). Much like how his sister's name is more commonly used as a name for the opposite gender, Minato is typically a female name.

Aikawa (愛川) - Made up of the kanji for affection or love (愛 ai) and river (川 kawa).





  • Minato is overall the second male civilian character to know of the Pretty Cure's identities, after Sagara Seiji from Happiness Charge.


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