Personal Information
Hair ColorWhite and Brown
Eye ColorGreen
Anime Information
SeasonChange! Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceC!PC01

 Aika is one of mascots from Change! Pretty Cure! She came to Earth with Yataro and Ruai who went to search for Pretty Cure. Aika give pretty cure some new powers and have a lot of mysterious powers. She is bear like fairy.


Aika is a baby fairy and everyone loves her. She have some strange powers like making things fly and she can fly too. She loves playing with cures, Yataro and Ruai.


Aika appeared for the first time in first episode, when she was on Momoko's roof playing while Yataro and Ruai were arguing. She was seen later in park along with Yataro and Ruai when Momoko became Cure Orchid.


Pretty Cure - All four cures love her very much and she loves them.

Yataro and Ruai - Both Yataro and Ruai weren't very happy that they had to go search for pretty cure together but actually they love Aika very much.


  • Aika is a bit similiar to Chiffon and Ai.
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