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Aijima Amaya2
Aijima Amaya
Medeshima Ten'ya
TitleCreator of Techno Power☆Pretty Cure
Birthday DateApril 11th
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorPurple
Home PlaceToronto, Canada

Aijima Amaya (愛島天也?) is a pen name of Milky-Flight, who is the creator of Techno Power☆Pretty Cure



Amaya has pale skin, along with short purple hair and big blue eyes. She wears a white bear-themed jacket, a blue t-shirt, shorts and blue sneakers.


She is a bright and energetic person. She is an Pretty Cure fan and a Vocaloid enthusiast. She loves any sort of music and is considered a tomboy. She's also lazy and hates dishes.


Aijima (愛島?) - In Amaya's native language, it means "music".

Amaya (天也?) - Means "the end" in Basque. This is also the name of a mountain and a village in the Basque region of Spain

Together her name means "The End of Music".

Fan Series


Aijima Amaya / Pretty Cure
Aijima Amaya / Pretty Cure Stars


Things I like

  • Pretty Cure
  • Other Animes
  • Alan Walker
  • Hatsune Miku
  • Circus-P's Music
  • Dex & Daina
  • Pants
  • Purple and Blue
  • The Rain
  • Jokes
  • Winter
  • Bunnies & Cats
  • Chocolate
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