Aiiro Kira
Kanji 愛色きら
Romaji Aiiro Kira
Season Prism Power Pretty Cure!
Physical Info
Age 13
Gender Female
Species Human
Magical Girl
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Pink
Personal Info
Home Place Nijiirohoseki
Occupation(s) Student
Affiliation(s) PuriPawa
Class Hearts
Pretty Cure
Pretty Cure Ego Cure Amore
Super Form(s) Glimmering Amore
Sparkling Amore
Form Change(s) Lovely Angel
Item(s) Prism Palette
Weapon(s) Prism Wand
Element Rubellite
Power Love
Loyalty Colorful World
Crystallographic Kingdom
Pretty Cure
Theme Color Pink
Anime Information
First Appearance PrPwPC01

Aiiro Kira (愛色きら Aiiro Kira?) is one of the main protagonists and the lead Cure in Prism Power Pretty Cure!. Her alter ego is Cure Amore (キュアアモーレ Kyua Amōre?) and she is the pink Cure of love.

General Information


Kira has a beautiful smile and she loves to caring to other people. She is very bright, optimistic, and she has a warm-pleasant smile by other people. She was klutzy sometimes and she loves to studying. Kira was living in mansion with her family to take care her grandparents.


Kira has medium pink hair tied in two ringed pigtails with pink and white ribbons. Her eyes are pink.She usually wear "pink" and "cute".

As Cure Amore, her hair grows longer to knees and replaced by two pink heart accessory with white heart at below. Her hair styled to big rings.



Pretty Cure

Cure Amore

Pink represents the Color of love! Rubellite crystal! Cure Amore!

Cure Amore (キュアアモーレ Kyua Amōre?) is the Pretty Cure ego of Kira. She represents the pink Cure of love and holds the pink Rubellite.

Lovely Angel



Pretty Cure! Prism Power! is Kira's transformation phrase in Prism Power Pretty Cure!.




  • Kira's former name was Amaino Yume and her pretty Cure ego is Cure Bliss.
  • Kira's supposed Cure ego was noted as Cure Amour. However, it was changed to Amore because of Ruru Amour / Cure Amour.
    • In case, both have different spellings and both are means "love".



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