Aihara Taro
Aihara Tarō
Personal Information
Birthday DateJune 5
Hair ColorMagenta
Eye ColorPurple
RelativesAihara Emiko (mother)
Aihara Utau (twin sister)
Anime Information
SeasonIdol Star Pretty Cure♪
First AppearanceISPC01
SeiyuuKishio Daisuke

Aihara Taro (藍原太郎 Aihara Tarō) is a supporting character in Idol Star Pretty Cure♪ and is also the twin brother of Aihara Utau as well as the son of Aihara Emiko.


Taro has magenta hair with straight bangs, and has purple eyes. He wears a white shirt and jeans, as well as a pink wristband. He also wears black sneakers.


According to the official website for the series, the Aihara twins are born pranksters and inventors, and they enjoyed teasing people, although Taro is the more mischievous of the twins. Taro and Utau will sometimes argue, but the twins still care for each other very much, and are best friends.


Taro first appears when Emiko is driving him and Utau to Hoshi Akari, where Yumesaki Academy is located, but Utau and Taro quickly start arguing, thus prompting Emiko to start telling them off. When they arrive at the academy, Emiko gives Utau a diary, and Emiko and Taro then drive away.


  • Aihara Utau - Utau is Taro's twin sister and best friend. The twins are very mischievous, often causing trouble for their mother, but they still care for each very much, and do their best to protect each other.



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