Aihara Kaori
愛原 香織
Aihara Kaori
Personal Information
Birthday DateNovember 27
Hair ColorMagenta (Kaori)

Blonde (Cure Locket)

Eye ColorPink (Kaori)

Blue (Cure Locket)

Home PlaceTeikokutoshi
Pretty Cure
Alter EgoCure Locket
Theme ColorPink
Anime Information
SeasonArcana Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceEpisode 1
SeiyuuUchida Maaya

Aihara Kaori (愛原 香織 Aihara Kaori) is a main character from Arcana Pretty Cure!. She's the lead cure and student of Royaume Boarding School who loves ballet. Her catchphrase is "Perfect Ending! (完璧なエンディング! kanpekina endingu!).


Kaori has pink eyes and magenta hair. Her hair is cut short to medium and layered with straight bangs. Other than school uniform, she wears a light coral pink dress with laced sleeves with yellow long sleeved tee under it and pink and white striped vest. She also wear brown and pink short boots.

As Cure Locket, eyes turned blue. Her hair also turned blonde. Her hair becomes longer and tied into a bun with a long flowy ponytail. She wears light pink bodice with wing shaped sleeves and the bodice has a huge pink bow with a gold emblem on the center and connected to a pink choker. She also wear gold belt with medium pink skirt and dark pink and white poofed outer skirt. She wear asymmetrical pink shoes and white gloves.


Kaori is very fun and clumsy. The only thing she thinks she good at is ballet. Her grades are on low average and she's also bad in other sports or other activities. She loves ballet since she was little and practiced almost every time she had a chance. She's also very caring of her friends and family and love to help them, even though it always ended up a fail and give work twice as much.


Family and Friends

Becoming a Cure

Ballet and Other Hobbies

Cure Locket

"Sweet Spirit of Dancing bells and Sonata! Cure Locket!"

踊る鈴とソナタの甘い精神! キュアロケット!
Odoru suzu to sonata no amai seishin! Kyua Roketto!
Cure Locket (キュアロケット Kyua Roketto) is Kaori's alter ego. She represents the spirit of Nutcracker Kingdom from the faity tale Nutcracker and The Mouse King. Her main color is pink.



Aihara - Ai in her name means 'love' whie Hara means 'field'. Together, it means field of love.

Kaori - Kaori means scent.

Cure Locket - Locket is something that used as necklace and made of gold / the color is gold.


Matsuki Nanami -

Midorino Sayuri -

Kasumi Mari -


  • Her zodiac sign in Sagittarius
  • Her height is 156 cm
  • She resembles Cure Flora in outfit and hair