Aihara Emiko
Aihara Emiko
Personal Information
Hair ColorAuburn
Eye ColorPurple
RelativesAihara Utau (daughter)
Aihara Taro (son)
Anime Information
SeasonIdol Star Pretty Cure♪
First AppearanceISPC01
SeiyuuMatsutani Kaya

Aihara Emiko (藍原恵美子 Aihara Emiko) is a minor character who appears in Idol Star Pretty Cure♪. She is the mother to both Aihara Utau and Aihara Taro.


Emiko has long wavy auburn hair tied into a high ponytail, secured by a pink scrunchie, and has purple eyes. She wears a white shirt underneath a pink jacket, and wears jeans and pink pumps.


Like all mothers, Emiko is a caring and gentle mother and is proud of Utau for enrolling into Yumesaki Academy. Although she is kind, she will snap easily, as shown when her twin children were arguing, and Emiko started scolding them both.


Emiko first appears when she walks into Utau's bedroom, holding a letter. Emiko goes on that the letter was for Utau, and it reveals that Utau has been accepted into Yumesaki Academy, Japan's most famous school for idols. A few days after that, Emiko drives Utau and Taro to Hoshi Akari, where Yumesaki Academy is located, but Utau and Taro quickly start arguing, thus prompting Emiko to start telling them off. When they arrive at the academy, Emiko gives Utau a diary, and Emiko and Taro then drive away.


  • Aihara Utau and Taro - Her twin children. Even though Utau and Taro may cause trouble at times, Emiko loves them both very much.



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