Aida Keiko
Aida Keiko
Personal Information
Birthday Date17 May
Hair ColorMagenta
Eye ColorMagenta
Home PlaceHoshi Isadora
RelativesAida Family (from canon DDPC)
Pretty Cure information
Alter EgoCure Flower
Super FormAlpha Flower (movie exclusive)
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorPink
Theme ColorPink (main), White (primary sub), Gold (secondary sub)
Anime Information
SeasonAround the World Pretty Cure
First AppearanceAtWOC01
SeiyuuMiku Itou
Voice ActorZoe Robins

Aida Keiko (間恵子) [or Sophia Aida in the English dub] is a main cure of AtWPC. Her Alter Ego is Cure Flower (キュアフラワー) or Glitter Flower in the English Dub and is themed on flowers.



Keiko has magenta eyes and magenta hair. She usually wears a pink dress with matching shoes, white socks and a gold belt with a pink star jewel.

Cure Flower

As Cure Flower, her hair becomes blonde, gets longer and is styled into a ponytail. Her outfit consists of a pink dress with matching boots, gloves and a gold belt with a pink star jewel that connects the gem itself to the transformation item.

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