In Lord Omniverse Alternative, Ai-Chan is the holding jar for the entire Grandark Army and every other Demon in the Omniverse after the end of Brave Crusader. Despite the Yuusha valiant effort, Grandark and his army simply too powerful for a dumpster and the "Nerf Spell" alreadly came into effect they decide to seal Grandark into a baby chosen by their leader. That baby was originally meant to be Makoto Kenzaki, but Star Saber, the man who suppose to seal it inside Makoto has fall in love with her and decide to instead seal it inside Marie Ange.

Despite that, Regina and Aguri didn't have any deamon inside them, and Ai-chan is now the only object capable of contain Grandark Army.


She is a happy and healthy baby.

No longer the case since The Alliance now considered Ai to be an object that require a daily dose of healthy despair and pain each day to maintain it usefulness.

Power And Abilities

*Same as her cannon counterpart*

Immortality: The side effect of containing every single demon in the Omniverse. Ai-chan is now an immortal being that cannot be destroy in anyway.

Deamon Release: Ai-chan can unwillingly release demon each day. The ammount of Deamon she release is depend on her mood. The more happy Ai-chan is, the more deamon she release each day. The only way to stop her from releasing demon is to maintain a state of total hopelessness and despair. If she is no longer in despair then Demon will be release again. The method to maintain such a state is required by the regulation and law of Neo Zen Seibertron Alliance (Actually, those regulation doesn't exist. They just try to be cooler) to be more brutal each passing week. Anybody who assigned to maintain her state must enjoy what he is doing, or else the process will be useless.

Alternative Contaiment Method Immunity: Any method to stop her from realease more demon except maintaining her despair will be meaningless. The deamon inside will alway find a way around those method.



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