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This is a list of episodes for Aether Essence Pretty Cure. It is slated to have 40 episodes and a movie.
Episode # Title Villain Release Date
01 Hikō o Torimasu, Watashi no Yume! Kyua Gasuto no Honshitsu!
"Take flight, my dream! The Essence of Cure Gust!"
Eko XX-XX-20XX
Enigma appears before Rikako in her dream. She sweet talks Rikako into trusting her, claiming to be an advisor. When Rikako goes to school the next morning, she finds a mysterious picture book at her desk. Taking a peek, she finds an image of her dream from last night. Just then, Eko arrives and creates an Obsfuca, which rampages throughout the campus. Her phone shines softly, and transforms into an Aether Commune. The Essence of Unbound Air, Cure Gust!
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