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This is a list of episodes from Aesthetic Dreams Pretty Cure.

Note: The Episode Title is BLANK!!! So the episodes would be spoilers.

Birth of A Star

Main article: Aesthetic Dreams Pretty Cure / Birth of A Star
Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Hoshi no tanjō! Saisho no tōchaku!
星の誕生! 最初の到着!
"The birth of a star! The first arrival!"
Demilune --
02 Mōhitotsu no purikyua! Watashi no saikō no pātonā!
もう一つのプリキュア! 私の最高のパートナー!
"Another Pretty Cure! My best partner!"
Squall --
03 Watashi wa anata no tame ni koko ni iru! Kyua Zenisu ga arawareru!
私はあなたのためにここにいる! キュアゼニスが現れる!
"I'm here for you! Cure Zenith appears!"
Dolor --
04 Mōichido mōichido?? Watashitachiha otagai o warawasenakereba narimasen!
もう一度もう一度?? 私たちはお互いを笑わせなければなりません!
"Another again?? We must to smile each other!"
Gann --
05 Pinku - ierō - gurīn - burū: Kanpekina fōmēshon!
ピンク - イエロー - グリーン - ブルー:完璧なフォーメーション!
"Pink-Yellow-Green-Blue: Perfect Formation!"
Demilune --
06 Kimi wa! Soshite minasan! Himitsu wa akiraka ni natta??
君は! そして皆さん! 秘密は明らかになった??
"You! And all of you! The secrets revealed??"
Dolor --
07 Arison VS Reicheru! Shiken no pinchi!
アリソンVSレイチェル! 試験のピンチ!
"Allison VS Rachel! The Pinch of Exams!"
Squall --
08 2Tsu no purikyua ga ochiru?? Watashitachiha densetsu no on'nanokodesu!
2つのプリキュアが落ちる?? 私たちは伝説の女の子です!
"Two Pretty Cures fall?? We are legendary girls!"
Gann --
09 Watashi wa hoshi o mitsuketa! Do no yōna kōfun!
私は星を見つけた! どのような興奮!
"I found a star! What an excitement!"
Dusk --
10 Mīa Kāru: Yuzuriukenin wa mushi de fushigidesu!
"Mier Kale: The transferee is selfless and mysterious!"
Dusk --

Vision Ambition

Main article: Aesthetic Dreams Pretty Cure / Vision Ambition
Episode # Title Villain Air Date
11 Niji ga notte iru!
"Rainbow Stars Aboard!"
Gann --
12 Kyuabijon: Dōmei-sha ka teki ka?
"Cure Vision: Is it Ally or Enemy?"
Demilune --
13 Yōkoso, Mīa!
"Welcome, Mier!"
Dolor --

Stars and Seasons Collide

Main article: Aesthetic Dreams Pretty Cure / Stars and Seasons Collide
Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 ADPC21

??? --

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