Action! PreCure☆
Akushon! Purikyua ☆
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DirectorUser: Saxaphonegirl
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 Action! PreCure☆ (アクション!プリキュア☆ Akushon! Purikyua☆?) is a fan series created by Saxaphonegirl. It centres on Naomi Amaisawa, a second year student at Akuraizora Academy. She wants to join the Muses, an elite group of talented girls in the school. When is accepted she has to deal with producing good work for conventions, maintaining her secret identity as a Pretty Cure and still keeping her grades up. The girls have elemental powers (heart, sound, air etc.) and an underlying animal motif which gives them sub-powers. 


Naomi Amaisawa/Cure Easter - The main pink Cure and an art muse. She is very friendly however is sometimes clumsy, she is exceptional at painting and drawing and can find inspiration in anything. When she is Cure Easter she has the power of heart and the motif of the rabbit, giving her the power sub-power of Super Jump. She can jump at incredible heights but cannot fly.

Roxanne Clairoux/Cure Nectar - The second recruited yellow Cure and the fashion muse. Her cold outward demeanor quells any chance for non-muses to befriend her however she is shown to be very friendly and her family is quite affluent, being very useful at times. As Cure Nectar she has the power of lightning and has the motif of the bee. She has two sub powers; enhanced agility and hover. She has impecable reflexes and can fly a few metres off the ground, however not as high as Cure Tsubasa.

Kazumi Takaiyama/Cure Felis - The third purple Cure to be shown and a music muse. She is very quiet and only speaks when needed. When not playing a musical instrument or singing she is an avid bookworm. As Cure Felis she has the power of sound and the motif of the cat. Her sub-powers are extra vision and super hearing. Her vision allows her to see beyond normal range with impecable clarity and even see through solid objects like walls. Her super hearing allows her to hear sounds unable to be recognized by humans and pin-point their precise location.

Suzume Shirohane/Cure Tsubasa - The fourth blue Cure shown and dance muse. An ulta popular person in school and a senior she dazzles everyone with her beautiful dances and graceful physique. Her soft spoken nature and wish to meet more down to earth people and not kiss-ups allows her to become a Pretty Cure. As Cure Tsubasa she controls air/wind and the motif of birds. Her sub power is flight, she can soar to great heights and is well able to deal with the altitude.

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