Ace Flight♠Crew Pretty Cure
Ēsu Furaito♠Kurū Purikyua
General Information
NetworkBlanc TV
Original Run???
Opening SongFly Ace Crew Fly
Ending SongKibou March
Series Info
PredecessorPretty Cure Seasonal Style
SuccessorMalakiya Pretty Cure!

Ace Flight♠Crew Pretty Cure is the seventh fanseries created by CureBlanc22. The motif is birds and military aircraft.


Once upon a time the peaceful Sky Lagoon was attacked by Sigma. But it turned out to be a set-up. Sigma blamed the guardians of Sky Lagoon, Storm, Freddie, Eagan, Harrell, and Baltimore and for the attacks on their own home, and succeeded. So they were thrown out and banned from Sky Lagoon until they apologize for something they never did. Sigma's goal was to pit the two against each other to wipe each other out, so Sigma takes over Earth with little to no resistance. The four guardians set up a base in Hawaii and search for the Pretty Cure, the legendary warriors of the sky, to help them bring the Sky Lagoon to their senses and show them the real truth.


Pretty Cure

Nanami Kaiyo (海鷹 なな実, Kaiyo Nanami) / Cure Seahawk

Intro: "The beautiful bird of the seas, Cure Seahawk!"

Attack: Water Missle

Vehicle: SH-60 Seahawk

Nanami is a sweet Japanese-American girl born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii who is obsessed with anything about the military. She is nice, helpful, and rarely does she not have a smile on her face. She always dreamed of being in the military, but once she is actually training, she gets rattled by the military trainers. Another thing that hampers her ability to train is that she does not like to fight, because she hates violence, and gets disgusted at the sight of blood and gore (which is why she hates scary movies too) but the only reason she fights is for peace, so she is far from a war hawk. She is in the 11th grade and goes to Citadel West High School Academy. Her theme colors are Navy Blue, Lime Green and Light Silver, and her symbol is an Osprey.

Alana T. Lambert (アラナランバート, Arana Ranbāto) / Cure Falcon

Intro: "The fierce preying raptor, Cure Falcon!"

Attack: Falcon Missile

Vehicle: F-16 Fighting Falcon

Alana is a bold, brash, White-American girl who was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and lived in Atlanta, Georgia, and San Diego, California, now lives in Honolulu, Hawaii. She also has Native Hawaiian ancestry and can speak the Hawaiian language fluently. She used to be scared of heights, but when she was in an airplane at an airshow, she was hooked. She considers herself a country girl even though she never lived anywhere else but the city. She loves animals, especially birds. She is also a bird watcher. She is friendly and cool, but when anyone bothers her friends, she beats them up. She has a pet falcon called Marietta. She is also in the 11th grade and she goes to Citadel West High School Academy. Her theme colors are Red, Black, and White, and her symbol is a Falcon.

Eryn Kairo (アリンカイロ, Arin Kairo) / Cure Eagle

Intro: "The brave raptor, Cure Eagle!"

Attack: Eagle Bomb

Vehicle: F-15 Eagle

Eryn is an African-American girl from Honolulu who adores fashion and dancing. She designs everything her younger sister and older brother designs, and she knows all of the Hawaiian dances. She hates studying, but she does well in school and she is very involved in the Fashion and Hawaiian dance clubs which is her favorite part of school. She is also in the 11th grade and she goes to Citadel West High School Academy. Her theme colors are Midnight Green, Black, and Silver and her symbol is an Eagle.

Hanan al-Saqr (ハナンアルサクル, Hanan Arusakuru) / Cure Skyhawk

Intro: "The fierce raptor, Cure Hawk!"

Attack: Hawk Missile

Vehicle: A very modernized form of the P-40 Warhawk

Hanan is a wealthy Arab-American Christian girl of Syrian and Palestinian descent who is shy, quiet, introverted, and from a large family. She has three siblings and 1 half-sibling from her father's previous marriage, and she is the oldest of the 5. the She is smart, beautiful, feminine, rich.. a lot of things that would make other girls envy her, but she seems to not have many friends because of her strict father not approving of the friends she made in school, so she hides from him whenever she is out with her friends. She is in the 12th grade and goes to Citadel West High School Academy. Her theme color is Green with Red and Black as sub-theme colors, and her symbol is a Hawk.

Raven Wang (レイヴンワン, Reivun Wan) / Cure Raven

Intro: "The crow that flows in the nighttime, Cure Raven!"

Attack: Raven Drone Bomb

Vehicle: A mix of the RQ-11 Raven and EF-111A Raven

Raven is a cute spy girl. She knows kung fu and karate (she is half Chinese, half Japanese), kickboxing (her mother was a kickboxer), read books about Sun Tzu, and was a U.S. Marine for 4 years. She graduated from Citadel West High School Academy. Her theme colors are Black, Dark Purple, and Gold and her symbol is a raven.

Sky Lagoon


Nanami's fairy partner. He ends his sentences with -storm.


Alana's fairy partner. He ends his sentences with -fred.


Eryn's fairy partner. He ends his sentences with -eagan.


Hanan's fairy partner. He ends his sentences with -harrell.


Raven's fairy partner. He ends his sentences with -more.


A ruthless terrorist organization. It grew from a paramilitary organization in Sky Lagoon that opposed Colonel Eagle-eye who kidnaps people and demanded high ransom. Later with the wealth they got from the ransoms, they colonized a nearby galaxy and grew more sophisticated.

Sigma (シグマ, Shiguma), Real name: Adolph Kaizer III

The antagonist of the series. He is a fanatical leader, rules with an iron fist, and if anyone disobeys him, they get capital punishment. His goal is to completely control the universe, enslave the strong/ones who can help prosper his evil empire, and execute the weak/those who are useless. He is responsible for turning the Sky Lagoon establishment against the guardians by blaming the guardians for destroying Sky Lagoon and killing Colonel Eagle-eye, and kidnapping his daughter, Stacey. He figured that Viper would be no match for a united Sky Lagoon, especially when they had the secret weapon (Pretty Cure) so he created a sinister plan to create a civil war there.


Heart PreWings

A heart shaped transformation item that has wings. When the girls transform, they form into a wing shaped device with jet engines that make the Cures fly.

Sigma Virus

A virus developed by Viper that severely hampers the victim and makes him/her immobilized until the victim is killed by it or the virus is wiped out. A variation called Sigma Control brainwashes the victim and makes him/her attack their own teammates.


Honolulu, Hawaii

The city where the series takes place.

Sky Lagoon

A beautiful, green kingdom filled with houses perched on top of trees and tall skyscrapers.


  • More Mega Man themes here.. the main antagonist shares his name (Sigma) with the main antagonist of the Mega Man X series. He's even bald!
    • This is the second time a CureBlanc22 fanseries has an antagonist named after a Mega Man counterpart, the other is Dr. Willy of Nautical☼Marina Pretty Cure!
    • Sky Lagoon is named after a fictional city in Mega Man X4.
      • In fact, the story of this series roughly resembles the story of Mega Man X4.
    • The Sigma Virus also originates from the Mega Man X series.
    • Nanami Kaiyo does not like to fight. The titular character of Mega Man X has a similar trait.
  • This is the second fanseries to take place in the United States of America, the other one is Pretty Cure Felicity Dazzle! which took place in Jersey City, New Jersey and New York City.
  • Baltimore gets his name from a (American) football team called the Baltimore Ravens.
  • Viper resembles the Cobra from the GI Joe series. Their logo is similar, but with Viper's logo being Purple and Yellow, and the purple Viper sticking out its yellow tongue, and under it the word "VIPER" has a stencil font in purple color.


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