Abe Kayo
Abe Kayo
Personal Information
Birthday Date6th July
Hair ColorDark Green
Eye ColorGreen
Home PlaceNijihikari
RelativesAbe Kotoha (sister)

Abe Megumi (mother)

Abe Seiji (father)

Abe Kasumi (grandmother)

Himura Akari (great great grandmother)

Pretty Cure
Alter EgoCure Glücklich
Hair ColorGreen
Eye ColorGreen
Theme ColorGreen
SymbolFour Leaf Clover
Anime Information
SeasonLicht Aurora! Pretty Cure
First AppearanceLAPC01

 Abe Kayo is lead cure in Licht Aurora! Pretty CureHer alter ego is Cure Glücklich and her theme colour is green. She has powers of luck.




Kayo has dark green hair which she puts in two short ponytails. She has green eyes.

Cure Glücklich

Four leafed clover light of luck, Cure Glücklich!

四つ葉のクローバー 幸運の光 キュアグルックリク!

Yottsu ha no kurōbā kōun no hikari, Kyua Gurukkuriku


Peridot - Her fairy partner. Two of them are very close.

Abe Kotoha - Kotoha is Kayo's older sister. Kayo admires her a lot and sees her as perfect person with no faults. But despite that Kayo also feels very inferior to her and believes she is nowhere near as good as she is. As series go on Kayo slowly stops comparing herself to Kotoha.

Kitahara Yuka - Kayo and Yuka knew each other since they were very young as their families have known each other for long time. When they were little they played together all of the time. Yuka was the one who always took care of Kayo and in a way thought of her as little sister but on the other hand she was also the one who always wanted to do something dangerous and often ended up dragging Kayo into it too.

Watanabe Sayuri - Kayo and Yuka met Sayuri when they were 7 years old and Yuka tried to convince Kayo to climb a tree in forest with her. Sayuri was there taking photos with her camera and was very interested in two girls but to shy to talk to them. They noticed her and invited her to play with them and they soon became inseparable trio.

Ruby - Kayo has kept Ruby as plush toy since she was born and never knew that she is in fact fairy. Shortly after Kayo became Pretty Cure she learned that Ruby was her great great grandmother's fairy partner. Ruby cares a lot for Kayo and was angry at Peridot at first that she choose her as partner but eventually accepted younger fairy as she was reminded of situation she had with Diamond when Akari became Pretty Cure. 





  • Kayo and Suzume are only Cures from Licht Aurora! Pretty Cure that were planned since begining. Most of Cures' personalities were thought of much later. 
  • Kayo is the first green lead Pretty Cure.
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