Mottomo Akarui Hoshi no Tanjō!
5★Stars Pretty Cure! episode 1
"A Birth of The Brightest Star!"
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Opening Otome Sensou
Ending Otome Sensou (Slow part)
Directed by Cure Lucky
Written by Cure Lucky

"They're kidding, right?"
―Sayaka, talking to herself while running away

A Birth of The Brightest Star! (最も明るい星の誕生! Mottomo Akarui Hoshi no Tanjō!?) is the first episode of 5★Stars Pretty Cure!. It focuses on Hoshina Sayaka transforming into Cure Sirius.


Sayaka runs fast to school as she is going to be late, meanwhile introducing herself as the 14-year-old second year student in Starfall Academy and a cheerful star-lover, who often watchs the starry sky. But when she turns the corner she bumps into two boys who are arguing for an unknown reason. To Sayaka's surprise, they turn into a rabbit and a kangaroo and continue arquing, but when the two look at shocked Sayaka, they stop arguing and the rabbit introduces itself as Brilliant and the kangaroo introduces itself as Glow. Brilliant asks Sayaka would she want to become a legendary warrior Pretty Cure and save Starry Kingdom from Black Hole, but is hit and interrupted by Glow, who tells Brilliant to say it louder, because Sayaka is still shocked and can't understand anything. The two start arguing again, so confused Sayaka runs away, rememberring that she may be late and leaving the mascots with each other.

Luckily, Sayaka comes before the bells ring, but a red-haired girl is a bit disappointed because Sayaka still came later than the two agreed to be at school. She introduces the girl as Hiyama Akai, her classmate and childhood best friend, who is great at sports.

While sitting in class Sayaka notices she's falling asleep. However her sleep was interrupted by the teacher, who was angrily asking something. Sayaka introduces the teacher as Hamada-sensei, a very boring History teacher.

After the lessons, Sayaka shares her anger at studying, teachers and today's test's low score she get, with Akai while Akai can't remove her eyes from her test paper. Sayaka gets curious and asks why she is staring at it. Then, her friend triumphantly smiles showing the paper with clearly visible 100 points. Sayaka gets shocked as she have never seen Akai studying and getting excellent grades. Though Sayaka tried to hide her amazement, Akai looks at her and laughs as Sayaka couldn't hide her anger. Suddenly, the two hear something and look up at the tree where they spot a boy sitting on it. Sayaka remembers she have seen him before and shouts what he is doing there. Brilliant, who the boy was, jumps down and introduces himself as Renji. He excuses, takes Sayaka's hand and rushes away. Akai looks at them as they are leaving and sighs.

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Major Events

  • The 5★Stars Pretty Cure! season starts.
  • Sayaka meets Brilliant and Glow.
  • Akai makes her first appearence.
  • Sayaka transforms into Cure Sirius for the first time.
  • Sirius Shine is performed for the first time.
  • Cure Sirius defeats Kuroppoi for the first time.


  • Hoshina Sayaka/ Cure Sirius
  • Brilliant
  • Glow
  • Hiyama Akai
  • Hamada Akiko
  • Blade
  • Shadowed Sirius
  • Kuroppoi
  • Black Hole


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