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4 Elements Pretty Cure!
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4 Elements Pretty Cure!
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4 Elements Pretty Cure!
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4 Elements Pretty Cure (4エレメントプリキュア!) is a pretty cure series made by Emmaleigh Belmont, And User:AmitieChanFever. It's About 5 girls that turns into a legendary warriors to stop the shadow element kingdom from conquering.

Main Characters

Pretty Cure

  • Hono Hikari (炎光)/Cure Fire - Leader of this team. A Upbeat and Braveheart who is from the Fire Kingdom with her Heroic Heart. She is a master in Studies and Sports. She has a Dream of becoming a Famous Volleyball Player. Her Alter Ego is Cure Fire (キュアファイア). The Pretty Cure of Fire. Her theme color is Red and Orange.
  • Mizuwara Kyoko (水原京子)/Cure Water - A Popular Student in the Magical Element Academy with her beautiful smile. She is a School Idol who came to help Person who is depressed. She is from the Water Kingdom. Her Alter Ego is Cure Water (キュアウォーター). The Pretty Cure of Water. Her theme color is Blue and Turquoise.
  • Chikyu Hana (地球花)/Cure Earth - A Shy but Radiance and Unique who is from the Earth Kingdom. She Loves the way to plant flower and Animals. Her Alter Ego is Cure Earth (キュアアース). The Pretty Cure of Earth. Her theme color is Brown and Yellow.
  • Kazesawa Leona (風沢レオナ)/Cure Wind - A Special and Popular who is from the Wind Kingdom. She Finds out that the wind makes her feel this breeze for her. Her dream is to protect the 4 Elemental Kingdoms from invaders. Her Alter Ego is Cure Wind (キュアウィンド). The Pretty Cure of Wind. Her theme color is Green and Azure.
  • Hikarino Yuria (光野ジュリア)/Sparkling Light - She is Timid, Shy, and Blunt. She is under Lord Dark's Control, Name her Chimaera. After Being Purified by the Cures, she become fearless and optimistic whose dream of being a amazing fashion star. She is from the Light Kingdom. Her Alter Ego is Sparkling Light (スパークリングライト). The Angelic Pretty Cure of Light. Her theme color is White and Gold.


  • Elysium - A Angel Cat-Like Mascot that is Cure Fire, Cure Water, Cure Earth, and Cure Wind's Partner.
  • Magica - A Tiger-Like Mascot who is Dazzling Light's Partner.

Shadow Element Kingdom

  • Lord Dark - The Pretty Cure Series' Main Villain.
  • Death - The Pretty Cure Series's Main Monster.


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