2 Hearts❤Pretty Cure is a fanmade series by Pretty Cure Lover 4567. The story focuses on two girls who become Pretty Cure warriors. The story is similar to Futari wa Pretty Cure and Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart. The themes are hearts and friendship while the sub-themes are romance and dreams.

2 Heats❤Pretty Cure!
2 Kokoro❤Purikyua!
General Information
DirectorPretty Cure Lover 4567
StudioToeli Animation
Opening SongI Love Love! 2 Hearts❤Pretty Cure!
Ending SongOur Hearts Will Unite~!

2 Hearts,One Body!

Series Info
PredecessorFriends of the Future Pretty Cure Forever Hearts!
Successor2 Souls~Pretty Cure!


Yoshinaga Haruko and Chibana Kozakura have both just moved to Shinzo Town and go to their new school,Private Blossoms Pretty Cure. They soon become fast friends,but they soon encounter two fairies Vrai and L'amour who came from the Love Kingdom that is being attacked by Empress Haine. The two have been looking for warriors with courage in their hearts. So,Haruko and Kozahura have to save the day together and restore love in the Love Kingdom!



Yoshinaga Haruko-Haruko is the leader of the duo. Haruko is an energetic tomboy who has a strong sense of justice. She has an upbeat personality,but hates losing and can be hot-blooded at times. However,she means well and is generally friendly. Her alter ego is Cure Amoureuse(Kyua Amouresusu)who represents true love and holds the power to control the earth. Her theme colors are pink and green.

Chibana Kozakura-Kozakura excels at studies,but is not very athletic. Kozakura is more calm and mature than Haruko. She has girly personality and enjoys shopping. She can be sometimes quiet,but has a temperamental side. She loves to read and cares about others,even if she's being stern with them. Her alter ego is Cure Confiance(Kyua Konfiansu)who represents trust and holds the power to control the sky. Her theme colors are blue and white.

Love Kingdom

Vrai-Vrai is Haruko's partner. He is usually a klutz,but is postive. He has a crush on L'amour and ends his sentences with "~rai".

L'amour-L'amour is Kozakura's partner. She is scatterbrained,but upbeat and cheerful. She ends her sentences with "~amour".

No-Love Kingdom

Supporting Characters




  • Amoureuse means "sweetheart" in French and Confiance means "trust" in French.
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