12 Arabian Pretty Cure
12 Arabiapurikyua
General Information
StudioToei Animation
Original RunMay 7th, 2017
Opening SongArabian Romance
Ending SongKira・pata・shining
Series Info
12 Arabian Pretty Cure (12アラビアプリキュア, 12 Arabiapurikyua) is a fanseries made by User:OmegaPri.


12 Arabian Princesses were cursed by a prophecy they oathed. When they suddenly disappeared, the world crumbled. On a trip, a girl found a bottle on the ground. The bottle had an evil spirit kept in it By anxiety, she opened it. She became evil and wicked. With the Princesses gone, an evil rising, nothing could stop them. But a group of 12 defeated this evil, and sealed it away. Everyone thought nobody would dare to open it again. But, they were wrong. Now new group of 12 girls must defeat the evil. They are the 12 Arabian Princess Pretty Cure!


Pretty Cure

  • Hamasaki Asuka (浜崎飛鳥 , Hamasaki Asuka) is the main character of the series. Asuka's family transferred to the Amwaj Islands for her Dad's job. She is sensitive, but not as much as Ki. Asuka replaced Asami as Cure Dawn. (キュアドーン, Kyua Dōn) She's Guardian of the sky. Her sign is Aquarius.
  • Hareta Ki (晴れた黄 , Hareta Kī) is Asuka's bestfriend. Ki's family also moved to the Amwaj Islands, but she did it for a different reason. Her parents are journalist. They travel a lot and was sent to stay for 1 year. Ki is REALLY sensitive. She soon became Cure Shimmer. (キュアシマー, Kyua Shimā) Shes' the Guardian of the Sun. Her sign is Gemini.
  • Mizushima Asami (水島朝海 , Mizushima Asami) is a girl from Amwaj Islands. Asami is smart and responsible. She always does her work. Her adopted family see to be very wealthy. A lot of times she can't stand Asuka, other times she can't understand Ki's sensitivity. When Asuka replaced her as Cure Dawn, she got a little mad. Then, she became Cure Spring. (キュアスプリング , Kyua Supuringu) She's the Guardian of the Sea. Her sign is Scorpio.
  • Yoshida Makoto (吉田誠 , Yoshida Makoto) is a friend of Asami. Makoto is a strong and athletic girl. She's on the girls soccer team and for fun, plays against the boys. When anyone is in need, Makoto helps out. By Makoto's generosity, she became Cure Oak. (キュアオーク , Kyua Oku) She's the Guardian of the Earth. (Basically nature.) Her sign is Taurus.
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