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♥Circus Magic Pretty Cure!♥
CMPC logo.png
General Information
Director Tsukiyume Luna
Studio Toei Animation
Network TBA
Original Run March 17 2021-
Episodes 32
Opening Song Ready, Set ,BANG! Circus Magic Pretty Cure!
Ending Song Let's - La - Magic - Show!

ABRACADABRA!~Begin The Show!

Series Info
Genre(s) Magical Girl




Theme(s) The Circus


Predecessor Sibling Power Pretty Cure! (canceled)
Successor Music Symphony! ♪♪~♬ Pretty Cure!

Abracadabra! We're Super Magical Together!
—Phrase from the series

♥Circus Magic Pretty Cure!♥ is a Pretty Cure fanseries by Tsukiyume Luna, and produced by Toei Animation and streaming on Kawaii♪♪Kids! TV.

The series themes are the circus and magic.


♥Circus Magic Pretty Cure!♥ Episode List

♥Circus Magic Pretty Cure!♥ Upcoming Movie!


Piper Anderson and her friends have made it to their first day of middle school, wishing to have a great year. Meanwhile an evil magician named Ringmaster attempts to steal the Magic PreWands from strange talking animals...

Piper and her friends come across these animals, who reveal their names to be Trix, Leo, and Melody and all are from Wonderland. They tell the girls they can help save their kingdom from Ringmaster before he takes over their world as well...


♥Circus Magic Pretty Cure!♥ Cures

  • Piper Anderson- Piper is a young girl who loves magic. Her father use to run a circus, which she likes to talk about. She is very dizty and bookish, and loves preforming "mini magic tricks". When she's amazed at something, she'll say,"Super Magical!" Her alter ego is Cure Magician, whose theme color is dark blue and red.

  • Serena Melody- Serena is a is a kindhearted girl who loves writing poems. She and her family run a library, where she can read and write in peace. She loves mythical creatures, like the mermaid or siren. She loves to sing as well, but doesn't think she's very good at it. Her alter ego is Cure Mythical whose theme colors are light cyan and purple.

  • Alexandra "Alex" Armstrong- Alex is a very active and funny girl who loves gymnastics. She enjoys boxing to, but her mom says it isn't a "girl sport" or is "for girls". Although her mom says this, her older brothers are and father are very supportive of her. She is very confident, but can be over confident at times as well. Her alter ego is Cure Powerful, and her theme colors are red and orange.

Magical Carnival Pretty Cure! Cures

  • Aurora Stone/Cure Enchantress- A former cure from Wonderland. She was defeated by Ringmaster by turning into stone.
  • Evelina Wisp/Cure Sorceress- Another former cure from Wonderland. She was also defeated by Ringmaster by turning into stone.


  • Trix- Trix is a small bunny fairy who comes from Wonderland. She is Piper's fairy partner, and ends her sentences with "~torikku"

  • Melody- Melody is a small turtle fairy who comes from Wonderland. She is Serena's fairy partner, and ends her sentences with "~uta"

  • Leo- Leo is a small tiger fairy form Wonderland. He is Alex's fairy partner, and her ends his sentences with "~pawa"


Circus Of Chaos

  • Ringmaster- The main antagonist of the series. He’s very mysterious and sneaky, and only wants magic for himself. There isn’t a lot known about him, expect that he wants the Magic PreWands from the cures for some reason.

  • Pandora- Ringmaster's teenage daughter. She’s ignorant and a careless girl, but is actually really sensitive; especially when talking about her mother. She doesn’t agree on using magic for evil, but only does so because her father forces her.

  • Miss Raven- A servant of Ringmaster, who represents ravens and fortunes. Despite being a proclaimed “fortune teller” and “mind reader” she can’t do any of these, expect preform mind tricks and illusions.

  • Sorrow- Another servant of Ringmaster, who represents clowns. She’s always very sad looking and depressed, and doesn’t take pity for others or even herself. Despite being this way, she was a secret plan to soon be revealed.

  • Antonio- A servant of the Ringmaster, who represents the strongman of a circus. He is incredibly full of himself and always flexes in how strong he is. He believes that no one is stronger than him, especially girls.

  • Serenity and Trinity- Are both servants of Ringmaster, who represent the acrobats of a circus. They look up to Ringmaster dearly, and will do anything to please him.

Minor Characters

  • David Anderson- Piper's father, and the previous owner of The Circus Of Magic.
  • Isabella Anderson- Piper's mother.
  • Alicia Melody- Serena's mother, who is a song writer.
  • Tyler Melody- Serena's father, who is a poet.
  • Diana Armstrong- Alex's mother, who is a business woman.
  • Micheal Armstrong- Alex's father.
  • Dylan Armstrong- Alex's older brother.
  • Daniel Armstrong- Alex's second older brother.
  • Liliana Soft- Piper's old friend from elementary school, and a ally of the cures.
  • Jessica Jones- A transfer student from New York, and a friend of the cures.
  • Queen Alice- The queen of Wonderland.
  • White Rabbit- Trix's father.
  • Mrs Summers- A teacher at Clover Valley Middle School.
  • Angelina Gracia
  • Dokota Allen Gates
  • Noah Meyers


  • Magic PreWands- The main transformation device that can be activated by saying, "Pretty Cure, Abracadabra!"
  • Magic Top Hat
  • Magic Pearl Lace
  • Magic Strong Hammer
  • Magic Enchanting Baton


  • Clover Valley- Where the cures live.
  • Clover Valley Middle School- The school where the cures go to.
  • Wonderland- The world where magic and fairies come from.
  • The Circus Of Chaos- The current form of Wonderland, and the residence of Ringmaster.
  • The Circus Of Magic- Piper's father's old circus.


  • Some names of the characters are inspired by real people.
  • The creator made this series because she's went to the circus before as a child, and loved it ever since.
  • The series was created on St.Patrick's Day.
  • The creator thought of the idea while doing math in class and started to doddle.
  • It's the first season where all cures become Precure on the same day.
  • The series logo has a reference to Doki Doki Pretty Cure! Can you find it?
  • The series orgianlly was planned to have 48 episodes, but it was cut down to 32.


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Creator's Note :)

Hello! Luna here! I just wanted to say, thank you for enjoying my series! I'm not the best speller, so I might make some spelling mistakes I don't know of. If you see any, just fix it for me! Thanks! Also, please do not repost, steal, trace, or recolor ANY of my artwork! I work really hard on them, and I would hate for anyone to steal it! If you do catch someone stealing, let me know! Thank you, and if you have any questions feel free to ask! Love you all! ~Luna☆